Word War Vi in Ubuntu

Posted by admin on August 9, 2008 under Tech Tips | Be the First to Comment

As described by the author, Word War Vi is “a retro styled side scrolling shoot’em up arcade game for linux”. The game play is fast paced, complemented by superb audio and very addictive.


At the time of this writing, there was no Ubuntu/Debian package, but compiling the game is a snap.

To get the latest version, please visit the Word War Vi site and download the source code.

Install Prerequisites and Dependencies

sudo apt-get install build-essential gnome-core-devel portaudio19-dev libvorbis-dev

Extract, Compile and Install
Replace x.xx in the file name with the current version number of the file downloaded. It shouldn’t need to be mentioned, but just in case. :-)

tar zxfv wordwarvi-x.xx.tar.gz
cd wordwarvi*
make && sudo make install

Execute and Have fun


I noticed when running the game, my audio sounded a bit garbled. Changing the Sound Device seemed to clear it up, although the number varied depending on the sound card of each of the machines I’ve tested it on. Try incrementing the number until one sounds normal.

wordwarvi --sounddevice 0
wordwarvi --sounddevice 1
wordwarvi --sounddevice 2